An Update On The Sacred Wall

I started the Sacred Wall in 2016 with two potential roads in front of me. The first road was to see what potential heights this site could soar to. I wanted to see what doors could open for me, what I could teach myself, and how I could turn this little passion project into a fully-fledged career. And when I first started down that path, I could never have imagined the successes I would find. I never thought I’d have followers as widespread as California, or Houston, or Boston. I never thought I’d at one point have the top Google search for a ranking of BoJack Horseman episodes. I never thought I’d have a review I’d written get shared and read over 1,000 times (thanks, Liberty’s Secret and mother!). I never thought I’d have an opportunity to grab drinks with a fellow critic after a screening of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. And I never thought I’d be covering the New York Film Festival, even if it’s just remotely. In short, this site has brought me so many opportunities, and I could never thank you, the readers, enough for providing them.

But despite all these accomplishments, I was always keeping my eye on the second route. In lieu of actual moneymaking (the one area with this site I’ve never fully materialized), I had always held out hope that The Sacred Wall would serve as proof-of-concept, that one day people would read my writing and be so impressed by these reviews and write-ups and so many lists that they would hire me to write for their organization. A few days ago, I agreed to join on as a newsletter writer for a growing financial website. I won’t be naming them just yet, as I’m still dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, but I’m sure I will talk more about them in the future. They are a great company, and I’m looking forward to working with them. But the question remains: now that I will be working an actual 9-5, what’s going to happen to The Sacred Wall?

Well, there are still a lot of details emerging, and a lot of balls in the air, but for the time being, let me remove the black cloud hanging over this article: The Sacred Wall is not going anywhere. This site has become my first child, and unless I am explicitly told that it must be taken down in order to maintain employment (and I have been reassured that this is not currently on the table, because again, this is a great company), I will not stop bringing you the best movie news I can in the immediate future. But this does mean that some changes will be taking place. I’m not sure exactly how this is going to affect the site just yet, but the most likely scenario will be my mental downgrading of The Sacred Wall from “website” to “blog.” I’ve always thought of the latter as something of a dirty word – after all, I’ve treated this journey as my primary career for the past four years, the least you can do is call me a “web journalist” the way I’ve always thought of myself. But with an actual career providing an actual salary, I may have to accept that blogging about movie news and reviews is actually my hobby. The number of articles will certainly take a dive (not that you all were reading the 250 articles I write a year), and lists may take a little bit longer to come out. But I’ll still try to stay on top of the reviews I write, and I’ll still chase accreditation from Critics’ Boards in the meantime. After all, everyone’s gotta have a side hustle.

So for now, let’s not say goodbye. This is not goodbye, and I don’t believe in goodbyes. Instead, let’s take solace in the knowledge that we still have some time together, and that I’ll always be here for you, silently judging your movie selections over your shoulder whenever you’re browsing Netflix or standing in line at the movies. Take care, dear readers.

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