BREAKING NEWS: Live Action Pokémon Movie Rumored To Be In The Works

Apparently the current craze of Pokémon Go has won over Hollywood, as Legendary Pictures has finally allegedly finally given the green light to finally make a live-action Pokémon movie.

Yes, the famous Japanese card/video game series-turned-TV series-turned-anime film series is rumored to finally receive the Hollywood debut it’s been yearning for since the nineties. Finally, we’ll get to see Ash, Misty, Team Rocket and Gary Mother F*cking Oak, as well as all of those beloved Pocket Monsters Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff and Snorelax (ok, MY favorite) on the big screen.

Personally, if I were to pick a beloved childhood cartoon to turn into a live action film, I would pick Sailor Moon, Teen Titans, or Yu-Gi-Oh first. Hell, why not an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie? That would be awes…oh wait. Scratch that. Anyway, Pokémon will be allegedly be written by Max Landis (Chronicle, Literally Nothing Else Worth Noting), and should these rumors turn out to be true, expect it within the next two years.

Oh, and as a side note: for the love of God, stop chasing Pokémon inside the Holocaust Museum. For God’s sake, have some f*cking self respect.

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