‘Jackie’ Has A New Trailer, And It Could Be One Of The Year’s Best

If there’s one film that’s making a subtle push to become one of the best films of the year, it’s Pablo Larraín’s Jackie. It’s put out consistently great trailer after great trailer, and the early reviews of Natalie Portman’s performance have been absolutely glowing. This could secretly become one of the consistently best films of the year, critically, commercially and in terms of awards.

The film follows the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy from the eyes of his wife, Jackie (Portman). The film follows her pain, anguish, rage and acceptance as she arranges the funeral, begins her transition into civilian life, and provides the now famous interview to Life magazine.

Larraín’s film has become one of the most renowned of the year. I’ll admit that when it was first announced, I was a little skeptical. And Portman’s performance in the first clip released put me off a little bit due to Portman’s accent (I now realize that it was a spot-on impression). However, that first trailer blew me away, and this one is even more impressive. I have more than a sneaking suspicion this film might sneak into my Top Ten as we reach the home stretch. The film will be released December 2nd in New York and L.A. before going wide closer to Christmas (I’ll probably be seeing it around December 21st), and you can watch the phenomenal trailer below.

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