‘Making A Murderer’ Has New Episodes On The Way

Confession time: I haven’t gotten around to watching Making a Murderer yet. I know, I know, it’s amazing, it’s controversial, it’s intelligent, but I’ve just had other shows to get through first. Plus, I saw The Thin Blue Line and The Jinx years ago, so I’ve been in this game much longer than you have, you little bandwagoners. However, the show has many fans, as well as many critics, each of whom “know” with dead certainty the innocence or guilt of Steve Avery. And if you’re in the dissenting category, directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos are staging a last ditch effort to change your minds.

Netflix has announced that they’ve started working on more episodes of the Emmy nominated series, in order to look further into the background of the behind-the-scenes dealings between Avery, his co-defendant Brendan Dassey, and their lawyers.

No news on when this new season will premiere, but I would begin looking for it in 2017.

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