‘Netflix Live” Is The Greatest April Fool’s Prank Of All

Netflix has done some weird sh*t in their day-BoJack Horseman, releasing the “TV shows” from Arrested Development, and Michael Bolton’s Valentine’s Day special. However, I don’t think they’ve ever done anything as weird as Netflix Live.

For April Fool’s Day, and April Fool’s Day only, Netflix has released their “cancelled” TV show, a live streaming of technology around their office (copiers, microwaves, etc.) with Will Arnett describes them using only an ASMR voice.

I’m only about fifteen minutes in, so I can’t tell you if anything gets funnier or weirder, but I can say that this is the type of humor I love, and if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate this little piece of nonsense too. Sorry, episode of Friends I logged on to watch. You’re going to have to wait.

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