New Trailer For ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Just in time for Moana to come to theaters, we have our newest trailer for Beauty and the Beast. Widely considered one of the most anticipated films for next year, Bill Condon’s live action adaptation of arguably the greatest Disney animated classic finally gives us a look at its massive cast in action, as well as a look at some of the effects.

For those who somehow lived under a rock from 1991 onwards, the story follows a young woman named Belle (Emma Watson), who agrees to be the prisoner of a ferocious Beast (Dan Stevens) to save her father’s life. However, as time goes on inside his magic castle, the two end up forming a bond over their outcast status, and eventually love begins to grow.

I have mixed feelings about this trailer. The cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is strong, and the look of the Beast feels properly epic-yet-realistic. However, the look of the magical objects still feels off, and the trailer didn’t fill me with wonder the way the last one did. Still, this doesn’t dampen my excitement for the final project, which is arguably my most anticipated film of 2017. You can watch the trailer below, and Beauty and the Beast will premiere March 17, 2017.

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