The ‘Roma’ Trailer Proves I May Be Underestimating It

Every year when I predict the Oscars, there’s always one film that I never take seriously until it’s too late. From Room to Moonlight to The Shape of Water, I always write the film off until a first trailer comes along to prove me wrong. This year, the film I may be underestimating is Alfonso Cuáron’s personal, retro return-to-form Roma.

Not much is known about the plot to Roma, but we do know that the film, shot in black-and-white by Cuáron himself, follows a middle-class family over the course of a year in 1970s Mexico City.

This is a masterful trailer. From the Toland-esque cinematography to the use of the tumultuous time period (it was a time of civil unrest and political turmoil in the country), every detail shines bright. The film also has an air of mystery to it, considering Cuáron hasn’t made a film since winning Best Director in 2013 for Gravity. However, given the fact that he will be premiering Roma at Venice, Toronto, New York, and presumably Telluride, you can bet that Netflix, and perhaps even Cuáron himself, are gunning for the top award this time around. The film will be released in theaters and on Netflix December 14th, and you can bet this is one to watch in this year’s Oscar race. You can watch the trailer below.

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