Trailer For Oscar Contender ‘Fences’

Today we got our first look at two Best Actress contenders. We saw Annette Bening’s solo play earlier today, but the more exciting prospect is probably Denzel Washington’s Fences. The two-time Academy Award winner has been trying to break out in the directing field, and after two admirable-yet-lackluster attempts, he wants to try his hand at directing his Tony Award-winning Broadway production of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work. In fact, the play was so beloved, that Washington brought along his cast from the show, from Tony-nominee Stephen Henderson to the much-hyped Tony winner Viola Davis. It’s at the top of many people’s Oscar predictions for some time, but no one had seen any footage before the trailer magically appeared on Friday in front of Magnificent Seven, and is finally making its way online.

Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, the film follows the Maxson family. Troy Maxson (Washington) was once a beloved baseball player in the Negro Leagues, but now spends his days as a waste collector. He lives with his put-upon wife Rose (Davis) and a son whom he struggles to see eye-to-eye with (Jovan Adepo), as he tries to understand the events in his life that led him to this place.

The film is a must for any film fan. Considering the prestigious nature of the play, the fact that Wilson wrote the screenplay before his death in 2005, and the talented cast, this film should be a major Oscar contender this year. The trailer plays like an Oscar reel for Washington especially, but you can see a bit of Davis’ powerhouse shine through. The question remains over if she’ll go Lead (where she’ll be in a bloody battle) or Supporting (where she’ll win easily), as recent rumors have implied, but either way, the film should be in the running for Best Picture. The film is scheduled for release on December 25th, and you can see the simple yet powerful trailer below.

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