What I Watched, What You Watched #12

Wow. I am sorry people. I have sorely disappointed you all this week. Only two films, no reviews-this has been a terrible week for this site. I’ll just have to make it up to you all next week with three reviews and (hopefully) two new series reviews. There’s also my pledge to participate in the 31 Days of Horror, which I started last night and will continue this week, so that’s at least seven movies for you. And let’s not forget four Halloween themed lists (I love October, you guys). I’ll make it up to you guys, you aren’t forgotten.

As for the films I saw, I watched the 1985 college graduate classic St. Elmo’s Fire. I had a few takeaways from this film: first, it is conceptually a marvel-it’s a shame the writing doesn’t match up to it, because that dialogue can get downright terrible; second, Molly Ringwald may have been the face of the Brat Pack, but Ally Sheedy was the underrated knockout; third, I’m sorry to say this, because both are in films I absolutely love, but Demi Moore and Andie MacDowell cannot act, God bless them both. Meanwhile, kicking off 31 Days of Horror (an unseen horror film a day for the month of October), I watched Hush, and damn that film is good. It is top-notch horror, with great writing (sort of), direction, acting and sound mixing. Watch it now. It’s excellent.

Television viewing was a little more successful this week. A little bit of Modern Family, a little bit of South Park. However, most importantly, we had three of the greatest episodes in television of the year: black-ish, Atlanta and You’re the Worst were all at their best. We also witnessed the return of Saturday Night Live, which I hope to write about later today. However, long story short, Margot Robbie was a great host and Alec Baldwin was a phenomenal Trump.

Oh, and one other thing: I had the chance to see Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds this Friday, seeing Wilson and Jardine play the Best of the Beach Boys for the last time live. While Wilson’s voice is going, and it is clear that the years of abuse, mental illness and drugs have taken their effect, it was truly an incredible, moving experience, and hearing Wilson’s emotional vocals on “God Only Knows” and “Love and Mercy” were life-changing experiences. God bless Brian Wilson, God bless Al Jardine, and God Bless the Beach Boys.

How about you? Did you watch more than me this week? Anything interesting or exciting? Let me know in the comments!

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