What I Watched, What You Watched #25

I’m unfortunately recovering from a stomach illness, and because of it I didn’t have a chance to watch as many films this week as normal. Still, I did manage to get in a few films, including reviews for the direct-to-DVD masterpiece Army of One, as well as the new film 20th Century Women, which you can read reviews for here and here.

Other than that, I saw the 1992 film The Commitments, which was highly entertaining. If you like movies about bands, or are particularly fond of Sing Street, then you should check it out.

Television wise, nothing out of the norm. Some Saturday Night Live, some Modern Family and black-ish, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Man Seeking Woman, etc. Oh, I also watched a bit of the Inauguration, but that was about the time I started feeling ill, so I didn’t get a chance to watch that much of it (not meant as a political joke, just a statement of facts).

I also watched the last episode of Girl Meets World, which is a bit of a shame. Sure, it was a little more childish than it’s life-changing predecessor, but it was sweet, and it was fun, and the writers were a lot more talented than other revivals (hi, X-Files and Fuller House). I sincerely hope this show gets picked up by, say, Freeform or ABC, because it needs a new lease on life.

What about you? Anything good from your past week? Did you see any of the new releases I never got around to? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Billy nuttall Posted 01/22/2017 7:36 pm

    This week (aside from the usual shows) the only noteworthy show I watched the season 1 finale to “The Good Place.” The season was smart at some points and a little cheesy in others, but the finale was far greater than I ever expected from that show. I’ve been recommending the first season to anyone I can. It’s 13 half hour episodes so it’s not a major time comitment, but you need to watch the full season.

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