What I Watched, What You Watched #30

This was a tough week for me. Due to a severe windstorm, I lost power for a day and a half, and I lost cable for even longer. That meant that I was either without stuff to watch, or I had to rent something to do so. I was also left without the ability to write anything or post anything, meaning the site was empty for most of the week. I promise to remedy that this week.

I started the week off with Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy, a film I admired more than enjoyed. It’s very Lynchian, for those of you that love that style, but I just don’t think it fully realized what it wanted to be. I also watched the original animated Beauty and the Beast to prepare for next week, and good god, is that an excellent movie. Easily one of the best animated movies ever, and one of the best musicals, to boot. I also saw the 1980s classic Midnight Run, which I thought was an entertaining crime-comedy, with great performances by Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin. After that, I mostly had second or third viewings of different films from the last few years. This started with The Lego Movie, which I haven’t watched since 2015. That movie still holds up-in fact, it gets better every time you see it. And speaking of getting better every time you see it, I saw Hell or High Water yet again. It’s still excellent, well-deserving of that #5 spot on my Top Ten list, but I really want to draw attention to Jeff Bridges. I thought he was just simply “good” when I first saw it, but he gets better with each viewing, with little tics and traits that you don’t notice on first-or even second-viewings. However, what does suffer with multiple viewings is Hacksaw Ridge. Now, don’t get me wrong, I stand by every word of my review (which you can read here), and think the themes and ideas behind Mel Gibson’s choices are so rich and beautiful that I believe it is, at the very least, a fine movie. But that first half-yikes. It’s almost unwatchable. Still, I’ve made it clear that the script is atrocious, but everything else is average to decent, and I think the ideas behind it are respectable enough to redeem the film.

As cable was out, I didn’t get a chance to see many of my usual watches, such as It’s Always Sunny or Man Seeking Woman. I’ll catch up tomorrow. I did, however, see the new Saturday Night Live, which I absolutely adored (Scarlett Johansson is a national treasure). And I got to see two new shows-Making History, which is dumb, but in a fun way, and Feud. Feud is a show I will probably be writing about when it ends, but I’m enjoying it so far. And the scene with Susan Sarandon appearing as Baby Jane is pure gold.

What about you? Were you caught in a windstorm as well? Watch anything good? Let me know in the comments below!

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