What I Watched, What You Watched #6

I sometimes wonder if I’m wasting my time with these “What I Watched” sections. It’s supposed to be a community piece, and for all five pieces, I’ve been screaming into the nether. However, for the time being, it’s a nice way of showing you all the effort that goes into the life of a cinephile, and how many movies must be viewed in a week to maintain this life. I managed to get three screenings in this week to review for you all: Don’t Think Twice, Sausage Party and Pete’s Dragon, and managed to watch four other films to boot.

I started out the week on an absolutely dismal note with Norm of the North, an animated “film” from earlier this year. I use quotation marks because it was one of the most unfortunate experiences I’ve had in my life, and I find it insulting to refer to it as a movie the same way that The Dark Knight, All That Jazz and Citizen Kane are movies. It’s easily in my bottom three worst movies of all time. I do not recommend it in the slightest, unless you hate yourself (I did, however, promise my brother I would watch it with him when he returns from abroad, so I will be going through this suicide-inducing experience again shortly). Later that year I watched Sicario, and man, am I mad I missed that one in theaters. It’s an excellent little film, with some of the greatest cinematography I’ve ever seen. It’s a dark little film, but a must-see nonetheless. I also got around to seeing one of Anton Yelchin’s last films, Green Room. Good lord is that a nasty little film. I can’t really say I enjoyed it, it’s so messed up, but it’s a well-made little thriller, and it deserves its due for it. And finally, I finally got around to seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. I was supposed to watch this one for film class back in the day and I blew off the assignment. Oops. Whatever, they can’t take back the degree. It’s a great film, though, with some of the most innovative filmmaking I’ve seen.

Television wise, I’ve mostly just been watching the Olympics. I can’t get enough of Phelps, Biles, Hosszú and Ledecky. Other than that, nothing major. Sorry for a boring TV week, but honestly, if you aren’t watching the Olympics right now, what are you doing with your life?

That’s it for this week. I wish you all a happy week filled with great viewing opportunities!

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