What I Watched, What You Watched #94

I had a slow week of movie watching due to a Bridal Shower I had to throw (I’m a Maid of Honor, b*tches!) However, I did manage to watch a couple movies and TV shows, including one for review, which will be going up later this week. That film was Green Book, a film many believe will make a big splash come Oscar season. I won’t spoil my thoughts before we get there, but I will say there is a lot to like in the film. Not everything, but a lot to like.

Meanwhile, while I won’t be reviewing it, I also had a chance to see the documentary Free Solo, the National Geographic’s film following Alex Honnold’s quest to become the first person to free solo climb (which is to say “to climb without the aid of a rope or equipment) the El Capitan, as well as his attempts to cope with the inevitable deaths of someone in his profession. The actual achievement is stunning, and it makes you want to get off your ass to go get yourself in shape. However…Alex is just so obnoxious. It’s incredibly possible there’s something wrong with him (they actually perform a CT Scan in the movie to test this theory), but his mistreatment of girlfriend Sanni McCandless (a saint) can only go on so long before it becomes irritating. I guess it’s worth seeing, but it is far from my favorite documentary of the year. However, my movie viewing week wasn’t all that bad. Last Tuesday, I had an opportunity to see Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal on the big screen. This was my second viewing of the 1957 masterpiece, and it absolutely confirmed its placement in the 100 Greatest Film Series (returning Spring 2019). I won’t spoil its exact placing, but I’ll say this: you won’t be seeing this one for a while. Probably not until the last few lists. It’s a true cinematic masterpiece. And humorously, it is a film I love so much I inadvertently took over leading the group discussion the theatre had after the showing. I know my Bergman, man.

As for television, I haven’t had a chance to watch anything new yet. I continued the Watergate documentary History Channel aired, which gets better as it goes along (I love the way they just let the tapes trap Nixon’s staff in lies as opposed to the narrator inserting too much of his own voice). I also started showing my friend Big Mouth from the beginning, which I’m happy to report is not as big a trainwreck as I feared it would be – he likes it! And naturally, as yesterday was Saturday, I watched my twofer of Saturday Night Live (Steve Carell is a great host, and that monologue was great – especially the extra who stole it) and College Football (Indiana can go f*ck itself for that dirty game). Other than that, I mostly just worked and prepped the shower.

This may have been a slow week, but don’t worry: you can expect several reviews, articles, lists, and predictions in the coming week or two, especially as the general awards begin to trickle in this weekend! And in the meantime, you can comment below about what films I watched that you liked, what you watched this week, and more. I’ll see you all going forward!

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