What I Watched, What You Watched #95

As we enter the final week of Filmstruck’s existence (RIP) and we wrap up the mad rush of Black Friday, my movie viewing was somewhat limited and increasingly narrow-minded. While I did manage to sneak away to see three movies in between turkey and three nightmarish all-nigh shifts, I predominantly watched movies and television at home, giving me a chance to rest and earn some piece of mind in spite of it all. That being said, I did see a few movies, two of which will be reviewed quite soon, and one that will be reviewed right here: Wildlife, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Venom. As for those first two, I will be reviewing them in the coming weeks of December, but the long and short of it is I really enjoyed them, between their excellent writing and stellar acting. As for Venom…I mean, what can I say? This is an insanely bad movie sporting a hilariously brilliant performance by Tom Hardy. It’s almost like a David Cronenberg drama suddenly had the cast of Big Mouth dropped in the center of it all (and it even features Jenny Slate!). I dig its insanity, but I can’t in good conscience recommend it.

At home, I continued trying to make use of my Filmstruck before it is unceremoniously stolen from me. This meant to watches, with more bookmarked on my page to come later this week. I started with film noir classic The Asphalt Jungle, a film I started out only kind of liking before falling deeply in love with its rich story and its complex characters. I then proceeded to watch Grey Gardens, the classic documentary about Jackie Kennedy’s eccentric aunt and cousin. It is definitely an acquired taste, but I adored its loving, honest portrayal of the mother/daughter duo of Edith and Edie Beale. Of course, not every movie I watched at home this week was a work of art. I also watched Gotti for a second time, hoping my brother would appreciate its so-bad-its-good quality. He did not; he called it one of the worst movies he’s ever seen. I’m not going to disagree with him either; as much as I’m in love with its awfulness, it will undeniably be my pick for the Worst Film of 2018. Oh, and my family chose to watch Christopher Robin for a second time, but due to the exhaustion of the three all-nighters in a row, as well as a desire to not allow a children’s film to utterly depress me (that’s what Christmas is for), I chose to nap during the film, catching the opening, a bit of the middle, and the final scene. It’s definitely cute, but it takes courage to make a children’s film where the main character has PTSD, he constantly yells at and torments his lifelong friend, and another character is suicidal.

At home, I watched yet another piece of Watergate, and I continue to admire its sheer brilliance and its captivating storytelling. Watching Nixon slowly unravel is somehow simultaneously heartbreaking, infuriating, and hilarious. I also chose to catch up on my End Of The Year list by watching the Harvey Birdman: Attorney General special, which set itself up as a clever piece of satire and ended up just depressing as a series of unfunny sight gags (it felt more like Family Guy than one of the most clever shows of the past thirty years). And of course I had to indulge in a series of holiday-themed specials, from Thanksgiving to Christmas (yes, it is that time of year again). While I overslept and missed the start of the Thanksgiving Parade, I did manage to catch the bulk of its run (unfortunately missing the Broadway productions and the infamous non-issue kiss that was shared during The Prom’s performance). And on Friday, I got to soak in the trifecta of Christmas specials the networks put on at the same time: Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and my personal favorite (and the one I predominantly watched), How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I adore these specials, and getting to watch them live is the perfect thing to get me in the Christmas spirit before the reality of humanity this time of year drags me down again. Oh, and I watched a lot football on Thursday and Saturday, and I got to watch literally every team I rooted for lose. Fun.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let me know in the comments what you think of the films I watched, or share some of what you watched, and as always, I will see you here next week!

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