‘A Star Is Born’ Trailer

If there’s one film that’s been on critics and prognosticators’ lips for a while now, it’s A Star Is Born. Arguably the most influential Hollywood screenplay of all time, the film was originally made in 1937, remade in its most famous form in 1954, and then remade again in 1976. And now, Bradley Cooper has taken the helm in his directorial debut, starring alongside the cinematic debut of Lady Gaga. And between the word of mouth on the street and this stunning trailer, this may be the film to beat come Oscar season.

Jackson Maine (Cooper) is on his way out. Once a beloved country singer, he’s recently begun to see his career spiral away from him due to irrelevance and alcoholism. However, he manages to find solace in the arms of Ally (Gaga), talented songwriter he meets on the road. Maine pushes Ally to pursue her own career, and her stunning voice soon propels her to superstardom under his teaching. However, as his career continues to fail and hers continues to climb, their relationship begins to flounder.

Look, this film has been my most anticipated since it was first announced, and it hasn’t stopped growing ever since. Cooper has been so paranoid about his directorial debut he has shown it to pretty much every influential figure in Hollywood for advice, and so far all have come out to claim it a cinematic “masterpiece,” including Barbra Streisand (star of the ’76 version), Sean Penn, Robert De Niro, David O. Russell, and Jennifer Lawrence. And judging by the trailer, it’s easy to see why. Cooper has clearly learned from the directors he’s worked with (there’s a lot of Clint Eastwood and O. Russell in there), and his decision to listen to Gaga about singing live is clearly a good one. And I haven’t even mentioned the editing here. This is clearly a film to look out for, and I’m incredibly excited to see this film taking off like this. The film also stars Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle (both visible in the trailer), Rebecca Field, Lukas Nelson, Halsey, and “a scene-stealing” Andrew Dice Clay. The film will be released October 5, 2018, and you can bet it will be appearing at Telluride and Toronto this fall. You can watch the trailer below.

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