All Of Your Favorite People Are In The Duplass Brothers’ ‘Table 17’ Trailer

Most of the people I hang out with know Mark Duplass as Pete from The League. He is certainly solid on that show; however, if you’re me, you know that Mark and his brother Jay have been revolutionizing the indie filmmaking scene for years with a genre of their own creation, mumblecore. “Mumblecore” is a form of dramedy focused on realistic, almost improvised, dialogue, with the intention of making the art more closely imitates life. And it looks like they have another winner on their hands, if the trailer for Table 17 is to be believed.

Starring Anna Kendrick as Eloise, a young woman attending the wedding of her ex’s sister, who finds herself banished to the dreaded “Table 19,” the seat in the far back where they send all the losers and rejects. There she bonds with her island of misfit toys, which includes Craig Robinson, Tony Revolori, Lisa Kudrow, June Squibb, and Stephen Merchant. I also noticed Wyatt Russell and Andy Daly in the mix, which means that they have one hell of a cast for this film.

This film seems right up my alley, and it’s jumping up on the list of my most anticipated films of next year. The trailer isn’t available for embedding at the moment, but you can watch it here at PopSugar Entertainment. The film is coming out January 20th, 2017, and may be a reprieve from the normal smut coming out that month.

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