Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Is Shaping Up To Be One Of 2020’s Hottest Projects

With television on the rise, ticket prices spiking, and audiences growing bored with sequels and remakes, there are really only three constants that Hollywood can count on anymore: Marvel films, Pixar, and Christopher Nolan epics. Ever since he changed the way superhero movies are made with The Dark Knight in 2008, Nolan has dedicated his efforts to reshaping the narrative, bringing tired genres to life with massive setpieces, practical effects, clever stories, and classical filmmaking (he’s obsessed with IMAX film stock and 70mm filmmaking). And after revolutionizing both science fiction and war films with Interstellar (mostly good) and Dunkirk (great), Nolan is ready to dazzle us once again, with a thriller that can only be referred to as “Hitchockian.”

As is the case with most Nolan films, the plot is kept under a tight lock and key at the moment, but we do know a few things about the production, thanks to production reports and actor leaks. Essentially, the film is modeled after Alfred Hitchcock action thrillers, particularly North By Northwest. It will also be massive in scope (one actor described the script as “the size of three movies”), spanning several continents – starting in Mumbai, India – and at the cost of $224 million. This is a huge swing for the director, with the biggest budget and largest cast of his career. However, if anyone’s going to pull a film of this caliber and scope off, it’s definitely going to be Nolan.

As for the cast, Nolan has put together a who’s who of rising actors, as well as legendary veterans of the craft. In his three leads, Nolan is entrusting the film to rising stars John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) and Elizabeth Debicki (Widows), as well as superstar-turned-indie darling Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Good Time). The rest of the cast includes older actors like Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine, younger stars like Clémence Poésy and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Indian legend Dimple Kapadia. As for his crew, Nolan is shaking things up as many of his longtime coworkers (Lee Smith, Hans Zimmer, etc.) have moved onto new projects. While Hoyte van Hoytema is returning as cinematographer, Nolan has added Academy Award-winner Ludwig Göransson (Creed, Black Panther, “This Is America”) as his composer and Hereditary editor Jennifer Lame to his crew.

No matter how you slice it, this has to be one of the most exciting projects of 2020. It may just be my most anticipated of the year, as of the 2019 halfway point. I’m already declaring this the 2020 film for which I view no trailer, and I cannot wait until July 17, 2020 to see this thing.

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