Did…Did Pixar Just Kill Lightning McQueen In The ‘Cars 3’ Trailer?

Look, the Cars series has never been known for its maturity. It’s got a bunch of talking cars played by Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy, and has always been focused on being more entertaining for the kids than the intelligent fodder of, say, Wall-E or Inside Out. However, because Pixar’s goal in life is to break us emotionally, we can’t even have that.

The first trailer for this film shows lovable hero Lightning McQueen (Wilson) brutally and viciously crashing during a race. We see fire, smoke, crumpling metal, and hear nothing but Wilson’s weakened breathing. Jesus Christ, Pixar.

Apparently the rest of the plot will focus on McQueen trying to find his inspiration to race again, but good lord. It seems like Pixar heard our complaints that the series was too childish and responded “Fine, they think this is childish? Screw it. Let’s just off their hero.” You can watch the trailer below, and make sure you show up June 16, 2017 to see how the studio will emotionally wreck you this time.

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