Does Natalie Portman’s ‘Jackie’ Have The Best Trailer Ever? I Think So.

This is one of the closest Best Actress races in recent memory. There are at least ten actresses who could receive a nomination, and another ten waiting in the wings. However, one performance that has emerged at the head of the pack over the past two months is Natalie Portman for her performance as Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the aftermath of the assassination of her husband. Word on the film has been incredibly positive, and could be enough to move it into the Best Picture race, but I remained skeptical about its chances in any other field. That is, until it dropped this trailer, which is far and away the best trailer of the year, and maybe of the last decade.

Jacqueline Kennedy (Portman) returns to the White House from Dallas, Texas, after witnessing her beloved husband being shot in the head. The film follows as she tries to plan her next steps as the most famous widow in the country, as well as plan a funeral that properly honors the man that brought an entire nation hope.

I was excited for a trailer for Jackie to come out, but I never anticipated it would be this well made. From the cinematography, to Portman’s posture, to the use of the final song in Camelot (a musical which inspired Kennedy, saw the nation draw parallels, and tragically foretold his death-a great leader struck down in his prime, before seeing his visions brought to life), it captures the tragedy and the magic of Kennedy Onassis’ life. I honestly don’t think there’s been a better trailer all year. Mark me down as excited for this film, and I look forward to seeing Portman, Stone and Davis face off for the Oscar. The film opens December 2nd, you can watch the amazing trailer below.

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