Netflix’s ‘American Vandal’ Is The Perfect Spoof Of True Crime

It’s no secret that Americans are currently obsessed with the true crime documentary genre. Despite excellent entries over the years, from the groundbreaking Thin Blue Line to the Paradise Lost films, television miniseries and specials have captivated audiences everywhere. Netflix has really been taken with it, releasing Making a Murderer, Amanda Knox, Casting JonBenet, and The Keepers, scratching that insatiable itch for people unjustly punished for criminal offenses by a broken and uncaring legal system. However, whenever something becomes this popular, the public backlash almost always results in satire, and luckily, Netflix is ahead of the game on this front, with incredibly hilarious results.

When twenty-seven cars in the student parking lot are vandalized with phallic drawings (giant pictures of dicks), everyone blames Dylan Maxwell, the class idiot who loves making inappropriate drawings everywhere. Dylan is expelled from school for the crime. However, a class documentarian takes it upon himself to investigate the case, prove Dylan’s innocence, and answer the question on everyone’s minds: who drew the dicks?

I’m a simple man of simple tastes, and I won’t lie to you: I laughed a lot in this trailer. From the line delivery to the staging to the very premise, everything about this walks the line of humor and accuracy perfectly. Hell, I showed my brother this trailer, and he didn’t laugh once for the sole reason that he was too busy trying to determine if this was real or not. I think the reason this show plays so well is the talent behind it. I’m not familiar with co-creator Tony Yacenda, but Dan Perrault’s Honest Trailers are often works of genius, and Dan Lagana’s Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous is one of the most underrated shows of all time. On a cast level, I’m looking forward to Jimmy Tatro getting a chance to shine, and I hope that the talented G. Hannelius gets a chance to break free of her Disney Channel days and prove her worth as a young actress. The show will premiere on September 15th, and you can watch the hilarious trailer below.

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