New Trailer For Horror Film ‘Before I Wake’ Starring Jacob Tremblay

The past six years have been a windfall for the horror genre. From The Conjuring and The Cabin in the Woods to The Babadook and It Follows, it’s been something of a golden age for scaring us sh*tless. This year alone, we have seen the likes of The Conjuring 2 and (the mediocre) Lights Out. And we have one more to add to the list with the upcoming Before I Wake.

Directed by Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Hush), the film will follow the Hobson family, played by Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane, both of whom I forgot existed. The Hobsons are still reeling from the death of their young son Sean. To help deal with the loss, they adopt young Cody, played by Jacob Tremblay (Room). However, they soon realize that whatever Cody dreams becomes reality, including, apparently, butterflies and their deceased son. And if his dreams become reality, what will happen when he has a nightmare?

Flanagan has a history of making strong horror films, and this trailer has some fascinating elements, even if it starts to get a little ridiculous near the end. I don’t know, I’ll probably check it out, if only for Jacob Tremblay. Little dude’s a real talent. You can watch the trailer below, and see the movie when it comes out September 9th.

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