New Trailer For ‘You’re The Worst’

In my recent Wednesday Listicle, I mentioned that one of the best comedies currently on TV is You’re the Worst. A take on the modern rom-com, the show follows the troubled couple Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), two people who act based solely upon their id that, despite not believing in love, find themselves caught up in their feelings for each other. It’s one of TV’s funniest, saddest, darkest, sweetest and realest shows, and we are inching ourselves closer and closer to season 3. And this season looks to get to the heart of all real relationships: “What if he cries and I see the sad little boy inside him?!?

When we last left our trouble-courting twosome (spoilers), Gretchen was preparing to begin therapy to deal with her depression instead of trying to handle it by herself or put it all upon Jimmy. As if that wasn’t enough, the two finally said the L word for the first time in their relationship (and possibly their lives)-not that Jimmy remembers, as he was completely snaked on trash juice (TRASH JUICE!) As for the rest of the characters, Edgar was moving in with Dorothy and starting the steps to deal with his PTSD, Lindsay and Paul were reunited and preparing to have a baby, and Vernon and Becca were dealing with the fact that Vernon had lost all their money to a “financial dominatrix.” It’s going to be quite the season.

I can’t wait for the return of this show. Cash’s performance is one of the best on TV, and Geere’s facial responses are arguably the best in the business (he may be second only to Martin Freeman). As if that all wasn’t enough, the cast has recently added Orange is the New Black’s Samantha Wiley to play Gretchen’s therapist. I’ll be posting weekly recaps and reviews of the show as it runs, which you can expect every Thursday morning. Until then, you can pull out the Trash Juice, curl up like it’s Sunday Funday, and enjoy the hijinks of this recent trailer. And remember: the best way to get out of telling your girlfriend you love her is most certainly to respond: “Psyche! Nice try, dummy.” You’re the Worst will return to television August 31st.

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