Red Band Trailer For ‘War On Everyone,’ Which May Be The Funniest Film Of The Year

One of the greatest films of 2014 was Calvary, a British comedy so black it doesn’t feel right to call it one. Written and directed by John Michael McDonagh (the brother of the man behind In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths), the film managed to secure its creator a spot amongst the greatest rising filmmakers. And he’s back with a hilarious-looking crime comedy titled War on Everyone.

I couldn’t find a plot description, but from the looks of it, it follows two cops who don’t just play by their own rules, they disregard the rules altogether, being forced to take extended sabbaticals due to constantly beating, threatening, endangering, and extorting the criminals they come across. The duo consists of Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood) and Michael Peña (Ant-Man, which he stole).

This is the type of comedy that’s right up my alley, and the fact that it combines McDonagh with Peña, whom I consider to be one of the funniest actors out there, is a dream come true. Early reviews from the Berlin Film Festival are fairly positive, and this one may be a must-see when it comes out. The film will be released October 7, and you can watch the red-band trailer below.

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