‘Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens’ Trailer

If there’s one thing you’ll learn about me over the course of this site’s existence, it’s that I have a passionate love for terrible movies. It’s a love that lives on the border between ironic and unironic, to the point I can’t tell if it’s real or not anymore. And nothing blends this line for me more than SyFy’s magnum opus, Sharknado. And we now have a trailer for the miraculous fourth entry in what has now become a beloved annual event.

I’m not going to bother with a plot description, because really, why do you need one? It’s about sharks that get picked up by a hurricane (not a tornado, mind you, a hurricane, because thank god) and are carried into cities, where they are launched from the air towards unsuspecting humans for them to feast on. Only Fin (because of course, played by Ian Ziering) and his wife (the unfairly hated Tara Reid, who may or may not be killed off in this one, after receiving what appears to be a new lightsaber hand) can stop these deadly ocean creatures.

This movie has everything: David Hasselhoff singing, an Oilnado, a Firenado, and, as promised by Gilbert Gottfried, a COWNADO! This series has really gone off the rails and lost all sense of reality at this point in the series, and honestly if you can’t pick up on the layers of sarcasm I’m typing into this sentence by now, you should probably just give up. Naturally, I will be watching this on Sunday, July 31st, and I hope you will too. Watch the trailer below.

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