‘Suburbicon’ Trailer

I’m a simple man of simple tastes. I like film noir. I like the Coen Brothers. I like George Clooney films. I like Matt Damon playing nerds. And I love Oscar Isaac. Therefore, there is a good chance that, based on this trailer, Suburbicon becomes one of my favorite movies of the year.

Based on an unproduced screenplay by the Coen Brothers, written thirty years ago after Blood Simple, the film is a comedic thriller set in the 1950s in the suburbs. Matt Damon plays Gardner Lodge, the father of young Nicky (Noah Jupe). A home invasion and the death of his wife set in motion a startling series of events that rattle the down and involve a variety of characters, including Gardner’s sister Margaret (Julianne Moore) and investigator Roger (Oscar Isaac).

This trailer was made for me. It has everything – the Coens’ sharp wit, Clooney’s keen eye, a smattering of images straight out of the classic film noirs, and the immortal final image of Matt Damon riding away from a crime scene on a tricycle. Shut up and take my money. Early test screenings indicate this will be one to watch out for, and we’ll have a critical consensus when the film premieres at Venice and TIFF. The film itself will open on October 27th, and you can watch this fantastic trailer below.

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