‘The Florida Project’ Trailer Establishes It As One Of The Year’s Best

There’s always that one film that comes along to surprise you late in the game. Sure, it has support, and there’s buzz within the industry, but for some reason you just doubt that it will matter in the long run. And then comes the trailer. It always happens, whether the film is Room or Moonlight. This year, that film is The Florida Project. I’d heard good thing coming out of the Cannes Film Festival, but no one seemed overly excited about Sean Baker’s newest film. I wrote it off as well, because while his last film, Tangerine, was pretty good, I felt it was fairly overrated. But after this trailer…it is quite clear to me that we’re looking at something special.

The Florida Project takes place during a summer in Orlando, Florida. 6-year-old Moonee lives with her mother Halley in a community of extended-stay motel guests.

This is a flawless trailer. I haven’t seen a trailer elicit excitement like this since…well, since Moonlight. This has catapulted to the top of my most-anticipated list, and while I’m not sure it’s quite in the Academy’s wheelhouse at the moment, I would call Willem Dafoe a frontrunner, if not the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor, based on this trailer alone. It’s that good. You can judge for yourself below, and we general audiences can bask in its glory on October 6th.

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