Watch The ‘Sing’ Trailer And Gaze Into Matthew McConaughey’s Mind

I mentioned the other day that this year seems to be a golden period in the world of animation, and that seems to be proven by Garth Jennings’ Sing.

Brought to you by the company that is trying to force feed you Minions, the director of the great Son of Rambow and the good-try-worthy Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is now bringing the world an adorable animated classic. After Buster Moon the Koala’s theater goes bust, he plans one last ditch effort to save it: a singing competition. What follows is an American Idol-esque pageant featuring animals from around the city.

Each character seems to be exactly how you’d want them to be in a film where they are singing animals: Reese Witherspoon is an overworked mother with a nice voice, Nick Kroll is basically doing his Community German schtick and I have no complaints, Seth MacFarlane is a douchey crooning rat (just like in real life), singer Tori Kelly is playing herself but as an elephant, Scarlett Johansson continues her takeover as a punk porcupine and shows off her voice, John C. Reilly is a stuffy sheep, and Taron Egerton shows that he has real pipes as a gangster gorilla because of course.

The most fascinating thing about this trailer is Matthew McConaughey’s voice because BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god! I can just imagine McConaughey looking into a mirror practicing for hours, only just barely changing his voice and thinking to himself, “Alright, alright, alright. That’s most certainly how a koala would talk, if koalas could talk, while they’re driving themselves around in their Lincolns, thinking about themselves in ten years, and what not. Time…is a flat koala (*beats chest furiously while humming for 45 minutes straight*).” That’s a movie I would also pay to see. But back to Sing. Yes. This also looks good.

The film is scheduled to come out this Christmas, watch the trailer below.

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