What I Watched, What You Watched #133

Happy Sunday, everyone! Sacred Walloween is almost over, but that doesn’t stop the #31DaysOfHorror train from chugging onward! I didn’t have a time to see any new movies this week, but that didn’t stop me from seeing a variety of work, both great and…not.

With the month continuing to tick onwards, I’m about halfway through my Friday The 13th #31DaysOfHorror marathon. And the most recent bounty has been…rather interesting. You see, while Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning was quite bad, Parts 4 and 6 were mostly fascinating to watch. The Final Chapter was not my cup of tea, but it did give us Corey Feldman being weird and Crispin Glover breakdancing. And Jason Lives proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered, combining over-the-top kills with a sense of humor about how ridiculous the entire series has become. I really dug it, and it may be a contender for the best of the Friday the 13th films to date. Meanwhile, to add some intelligence to this #31DaysOfHorror, I also watched the 1962 classic Carnival of Souls, which famously inspired David Lynch to become a director. And guess what? He has good taste. Carnival of Souls is creepy, spooky, and perfect in almost every way, thanks to some terrific makeup work and a phenomenal organ-heavy score. See it, should you ever get the chance. Oh, and I also watched Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, which I must say: rather the disappointment. Michael Rooker is unsurprisingly great, and I love Tracy Arnold’s performance as Becky. But it’s the exact kind of thing you’d expect from a student “horror” film, with little said about psychopathy or the system. There are a few great scenes, but honestly, you can skip this one as you work through the cinematic canon.

As for television…guys, we need to talk about Succession. That season finale was – and I do not use this word lightly – sublime. It went from funny to tragic to shocking at the drop of a hat, complicating the series and delivering a perfect finale. Succession’s second season may very well confirm it as one of the best shows on TV this year – if not the best. Meanwhile, my South Park recording quit on me, so I’m unfortunately in the lurch in that regard, but I did see this week’s dark, hilarious It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. There’s nothing better than watching those people be horrible to one another. Oh, and outside of TV, I saw a regional production of Merrily We Roll Along which may, in fact, be one of the greatest musicals ever written. And there’s this week’s Noble Blood, exploring Joseph Sellis’ death and the looming question of murder by the Duke of Cumberland. Dana Schwartz’s show combines the best of history and the best of true crime to create one of the most entertaining podcasts out there right now.

That concludes this week’s What I Watched, What You Watched. Hopefully next week I’ll have more to report on than just Friday the 13th films (there’s a good chance I see two new releases, and I can’t wait to share them with you). Until then, you can let me know what you’ve been watching, as well as comment on what I’ve been watching. What’s your favorite Friday the 13th film? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!

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