What I Watched, What You Watched #136

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a great Sunday, and I hope you’ve been having an exciting last few weeks movie-wise. We’ve entered a fantastic period for film, and I’m sure you’ve had ample opportunity to see some great films. I myself saw two films in theaters, both of which will be reviewed sometime this week for the site. The first was Doctor Sleep, which I saw in preparation for an aborted podcast appearance I was scheduled to be on (I’ll be making a new appearance in the near future, so I’ll keep you posted). While my review should be up sometime tomorrow, I will say I was rather mixed on the film, at best. Some good moments, even more bad ones. On a much happier note, Ford v Ferrari came out Friday, has put up some massive numbers in terms of box office, and is definitely one of the more fun films to come out this year. Review should be up by Friday – don’t miss it if you get the chance.

Ironically, while I had a chance to get out and see more films this week in theaters, this meant I only had a chance to see one film at home. That was Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, which I saw in preparation for the aforementioned aborted podcast appearance. I have a lot of thoughts on this film. Objectively, it’s one of the best horror films of all time. But it’s just so cold, I struggle to connect with it. And there are definitely some issues with the pacing, editing, and acting (although Justice For Shelley Duvall). It’s a weird, impressive film that must be seen, but might have more hype around it than deserved.

My lack of film viewing, however, has been balanced out by my television viewing. My favorite shows were something of a mixed bag this past week. Rick and Morty returned with a hilarious, remarkable episode that we’ve come to expect from the clever, dark show. And It’s Always Sunny also had one of their classic “lock the Gang in the bar and let them debate ethics” episodes that we’ve all come to love (their logical leaps always excite me). But after a decent, worthwhile first half of their season, South Park dropped the ball with their episode tackling trans issues. The show has delved into such territory before, in the much funnier, more respectful “Cissy” episode, but here, with their portrayal of Macho Man Randy Savage as a trans woman…it just didn’t work. Not only was it pretty transphobic, it committed the cardinal sin of tackling “edgy” humor: you have to be funny. There just weren’t any jokes in the episode, and that’s just a dealbreaker. I’m disappointed in Trey and Matt. On a lighter note, Saturday Night Live worked thanks to Harry Styles’ ability (desire?) to go weird with his sketches. The Sara Lee Instagram sketch had me rolling. And I’ve finished most of the first episode of The Mandalorian (oh yeah, Disney+ is a thing!), and I’m enjoying it so far! And while it wasn’t quite a TV event, I did have a chance to go to the Michigan-Michigan State football game, and man did I enjoy myself! Fun to watch, and fun to experience. #GoBlue

That wraps up this week’s What I Watched, What You Watched! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’ll try to get a few more reviews up, to help with the decision making process as you enter the holiday weekend! In the meantime, let me know in the comments what you think of the films I’ve been watching, as well as what films and shows you’ve been watching. See you soon!

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