What I Watched, What You Watched #71

Another week, another eclectic assortment of movies. I didn’t watch a whole lot this week (to be explained in the next two paragraphs), but I did see two films that I’ll be reviewing soon: Best F(r)iends: Part 2, which is such an odd experience I can only sum it up in a proper review, as well as Hereditary, which is…something. It’s 7/8 of a perfect film undone by its finale…but more on that later this week.

In case you’re wondering what kept me from watching things this week, it’s because I spent all of my time watching the Erich von Stroheim classic Greed. I watched the now infamous “workprint” cut, which runs at a whopping four hours, most of which are pictures, as the original silent film got butchered. It’s a massive, sweeping endeavor, but I’m with the studio that certain things needed/probably should have been cut (I’m thinking a solid three would have done the trick). Still, the film is gorgeous, and I can understand its influence. I also watched I, Tonya for the second time since naming it the ninth best film of 2017, and guess what? It still holds up. It’s a helluva film, and it’s amazing how many little details pop up in each viewing, casting doubt over everyone and everything the audience sees and knows about one of the most infamous sports figures of the twentieth century.

I really didn’t watch all that much on TV this week – I wasn’t even home for the Tonys! However, I did watch a few episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, because it is the type of stupid that knows my soul. Especially “Wildlife” and “Avatar,” which are ridiculously hilarious in their stupidity. Oh, and I managed to get out to the theater and the amphitheater this week for two very different types of shows. The first was a local production of Heathers: The Musical, starring two acquaintances, and I’m pleased to say that despite some sound issues, the show was a raging success, bringing the scathing wit of the original to life with pizzazz. The other show I witnessed was Paul Simon’s Farewell Tour. Simon is one of my favorite performers, and the prospect of his final tour was too good to pass up. He was incredible to see, dancing and performing even at the age of 76, and he performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water” for the first time on the tour, as well as my all-time favorite song, “The Boxer.” All in all, it was a great show, and a great night.

That does it for this week’s What I Watched, What You Watched. I’ll be back next week with another entry (and hopefully a few more films), and until then, let me know in the comments anything you’ve watched, or any recommendations you have for me!

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