What I Watched, What You Watched #99

I hope you all had a merry Christmas this past week! I’ve had a busy schedule between Christmas, housesitting, and a wedding (I was the Maid of Honor, don’t ya know!), but I still managed to fit in a few movies. I even had a chance to see If Beale Street Could Talk, which I will be reviewing soon. I can tell you all that I liked it a lot, didn’t quite love it, but that may be attested to a loud and sick neighbor in the theater. I’m going to try to see it again in order to help its chances. Either way, it looks remarkably luscious.

At home, I got into the holiday spirit with, well, The Holiday. The Holiday is many things – it’s too long, it’s too twee, it has some of the worst Hollywood dialogue in all of movie history – and yet, I kinda loved it. I liked Kate Winslet’s performance, and I loved Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. It’s become a new guilty pleasure for me. It’s definitely worth the watch. I also had a first viewing of the Bill Murray classic Scrooged, which I found mostly rushed, but honestly, I don’t think I could ever hate anything written by the twisted mind of Michael O’Donaghue, and especially not when that something stars Bill Murray, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Karen Allen. And as I begin to prepare for my best-of lists, I had a second viewing of Black Panther, as my brother hadn’t seen it yet. I was a little afraid going in that it wouldn’t hold up after the initial buzz. I was wrong – it is expertly crafted, smartly written, and perfectly executed all around. If you haven’t seen this one yet, get on it.

Meanwhile, at home, I watched an insane variety of things on television. In terms of Christmas specials, I only watched two, and they were some of the most nightmare-inducing specials I have ever seen. The first was Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold, a nightmare-inducing kiddie film with the acting prowess of The Room. The other was Pinocchio’s Christmas, which was highly unsettling, focused on Pinocchio’s quest to bring a female doll to life so he can have sex with it, and features a villainous cat saying the line, “Ya want me to bean him with this brick?” Thankfully I had my annual viewing of It’s A Wonderful Life to mellow me out (of course I cried). Meanwhile, to prepare for my Top Ten list, I continued watching Succession, which is just the right level of trashy, as well as Atlanta, which is blowing my mind with how great it is (I never finished Season Two). Oh, and I’ve been watching Bowl Game after Bowl Game, and find myself broken hearted after each one (that Michigan-Florida game was tragic, as was that Notre Dame-Clemson game).

What about you? Watch anything especially Christmas-y this year? Any good movies in theaters? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all here this time next week!

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