‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Team Working On Election Miniseries

On Election Day, I posted an article predicting the inevitable TV show about the past election cycle, one of the weirdest and most shocking in most of our lifetime. At the time, no one knew what was going to come to fruition in the following months, we just knew that there had to be an entertaining angle to be found at some point. I didn’t know who would direct or write when I wrote the article, although I did make suggestions. However, as it turns out, I got more than I asked for, as two of my favorite industry titans have announced their involvement in taking on the most so-strange-it’s-true portion in American history.

Academy Award-winner Mark Boal, who wrote the perfect The Hurt Locker and the excellent Zero Dark Thirty, as well as performing the interviews with Bowe Bergdahl for Serial Season 2, will be writing a ten-hour miniseries on the 2016 Presidential Election. The series will be produced by Megan Ellison, the hottest producer on the market, who has worked with Boal on Zero Dark Thirty and his upcoming Detroit Riot thriller. No word yet on if frequent collaborator Kathryn Bigelow will be involved, but if there’s any justice in this world, she will be involved.

Furthermore, American Horror Story has announced Season 7 will focus on the election cycle, which I describe as “accurate.” Neither show has announced their casting decisions yet, but I would assume that this will start soon. If they need suggestions, they know where to look.

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